Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedding Memories

After months of planning and preparing, Laura and Jeff had just one more task to complete before their wedding day: the party favors. Choosing meaningful favors is not an easy task, and it is one part of the wedding that is not for you, but for your guests. I have received wedding favors ranging from a personalized spaghetti scooper to a CD of the couple’s favorite music. But Laura and Jeff wanted their favors to be special, meaningful. Each had had a grandparent who struggled with Alzheimer’s, and both of those grandparents have since passed on. Like most of us, they had hoped their grandparents would be around for their special day.

To honor their grandparents, Laura and Jeff gave a generous donation to Senior Citizen Services, designating half for Meals On Wheels Atlanta and half for the Vivian T. Minor Adult Day Care Center for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We provided Laura and Jeff with a sign to put on the head table, announcing that they chose to support Atlanta’s older adults in lieu of providing wedding favors for their guests, and asked our ADC seniors to sign a wedding card for the newlyweds.

I have never met Laura or Jeff, but their idea is a page out of my own book. For a full week, I could not contain my excitement. I told my mother, my best friend, my boyfriend, random passers-by. What a way to incorporate your community, your family, and strangers in need! I have often heard that a budget is a moral document: your priorities are evident in how you choose to spend your money. Laura and Jeff have shown us where their priorities are, and I am proud to count them among our supporters. I know their grandparents would be proud, too.

-- by Jaclyn Barbarow
Grants and Database Administrator

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