Friday, July 23, 2010

How Old Do You Feel?

What is the answer to this question: How old do you feel?

Well, that depends for many people. I find it amazing when I talk to someone in their 80s and they say they feel like they did when they were in their 20s, less some additional aches and pains. And as I age, I realize that what they are saying is true! My mind sometimes tells me that I am in my 20s again.

We are only as old as we want to be and only as old as we feel. Those individuals who are older yet feel younger usually are active in some capacity. Many use their retirement years to give back to the community via volunteer opportunities, and others simply make plans to keep themselves active and busy with friends and family.

This harkens back to when my grandmother was still with us. She was a fun, energetic lady who stayed busy with her church. She always had projects to complete, lessons to review for Sunday School, and to prepare for an event/dinner at the church. She used to complain that it wasn’t fair that in her mind she felt young yet her body was ‘dragging along’. To this day, I believe she lived her life ensuring others were served. This gave her a purpose, something to do and accomplish.

So, do you want to feel younger? Then we invite you to volunteer to stay young in mind, active, and healthy.

-- by Patrick O’Kane, Director of Operations

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