Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Volunteer to Help a Senior Stay in Her Home!

Alice moved into her home on October 7, 1965 in the Harwell Heights community of northwest Atlanta. She was a divorced, single mother who raised her daughter and cared for her elderly mother until her mother passed away at age 90. Alice is 78 years old and was born in Atlanta. After living in Chicago as a youngster, her family returned to Atlanta when she was 19. Alice is a retired nurse from the Dept. of the Army.

She worked at Fort McPherson until she retired in 1992. She enjoys working with her church and doing jail ministry at the Fulton County Jail with women. She also volunteers with a nursing home and attends a regular Bible study.

Alice needs assistance with yard work, gutter cleaning and repair, and fence repair.

Join us for Senior Citizen Services’ annual SWEEP! Day 2010. SWEEP! is a focused, high-impact event where hundreds of volunteers perform home maintenance and enhancement projects for seniors. Get out your paint brush and yard gloves for a special day of service in Atlanta. Great activity for groups! Lunch will be provided!

-- by Steve Hargrove, Director of Events and Marketing

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