Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions and New Habits

What’s the first thing that comes to mind in January? A New Year’s Resolution! But I don’t “do” resolutions for the New Year… never have. One reason is because as statics show, most are not kept. However, what I do in replacement is to develop a new habit each year. I usually do this in December or late January. This allows me to not call it a New Year’s Resolution but rather “my new thing”.

One of “my new things” is to set a goal for charitable donations. I have always given but not on a planned basis. More like if there is extra money at the end of the month that extra money then goes to a charity or two. Mind you, not huge gifts, but remember it’s the small gifts that really count and add up tremendously. Think about all those $10 donations via text for the Red Cross to do good work in Haiti – they added up to tens of millions! My plan is to continue to support Senior Citizen Services as I always have but on a more planned basis. (I hope you do “your new thing” and join me in this supportive manner.)

I try to keep on hand a little extra money to support emergencies – again, thinking of Haiti. Or, when I read an article some time ago about the Georgia SPCA needing assistance, I was able to raid the small bucket to offer my support.

As an employee and donor of Senior Citizen Services, I value the fact that I know my donations really count, no matter the size. When employees give to the nonprofit for which they are employed that should tell the public a lot! The employees believe in the mission and work so much that they give back, and Senior Citizen Services’ employees really do give back.

If you have made a resolution, I hope it’s going well. If not, maybe think of it as now is the time to revisit it and make it your new “my new thing”. Good luck!

-- by Patrick O’Kane
Director of Operations

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