Thursday, May 7, 2009

Older Americans Month is Full of Activities at SCS

Each year in May, America celebrates “Older Americans Month.” In this year’s proclamation, President Obama said:

Older Americans have carried our Nation through great challenges and triumphs. They have enriched our national character and strengthened the Republic for those who have followed. During the month of May, we pay tribute to the wisest among us.

Throughout the land, older Americans are strengthening our communities and the American way of life. Many senior citizens remain in the workforce to support themselves and their families. Others are embarking on second careers and exploring new interests and fields of knowledge. Inspiring citizens of all ages, many serve as advocates and volunteers in community service roles. In this important work, they make a real difference in the daily lives of fellow citizens of all ages, while promoting and strengthening the American spirit of civic participation.

On Saturday, April 25, more than 300 volunteers swept through Atlanta repairing seniors’ homes in our annual SWEEP! Day celebration. Participants cleaned up yards by raking leaves, mowing grass, trimming bushes, and picking up trash. Others painted the interior and exterior of homes for seniors who can’t do that work for themselves anymore. Some people cleaned up after a recent fire in a senior’s home.

On Sunday, May 3, each of our eight Neighborhood Senior Centers celebrated Friends & Family Day at their center. Guests for invited for an afternoon of fun and fellowship that included games, craft making, pictures, programs, and lunch.

On Saturday, May 16, SCS continues its celebration of Older Americans Month with our inaugural geneRACEtion 5K Run/Walk in Grant Park. Participants are invited to raise money for SCS and for Rainbows Georgia. Runners/walkers are still needed. Register at

Lastly, think about a senior that has influenced your life. Maybe that is a grandparent, a Sunday school teacher, a neighbor that fought in a war. Tell them how much you appreciate them during Older Americans Month.
-- by Steve Hargrove, Director of Events and Marketing

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