Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chill Out

This month’s AARP magazine continues its ongoing series about decreasing one’s stress in these times of uncertainty. An unusual amount of stress, physical and/or emotional, has been shown to make the body more vulnerable to disease and many illnesses. Experts agree on these proven strategies for beating stress, and SCS wishes to share these with our readers:

1. Socialize: see friends, relatives; stay connected.
2. Let it out: talk, laugh, cry, get angry!
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
5. Add activities such as reading, playing music, and gardening to your daily schedule.
6. Gain perspective: remember past hardships that you’ve overcome.
7. Enjoy small escapes such as movies and TV.
8. Practice slow, deep breaths.
9. Try yoga or meditation.

The SCS mission is to enable seniors to enjoy a high quality of life, maintaining their independence and dignity. People of all ages can enjoy a higher quality of life with these tips.

By Brad Catherman
Vice President, Gift Planning
Senior Citizen Services

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