Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Saturday, April 25th will be a special day for many senior homeowners in Atlanta. You can get involved with SCS’ annual SWEEP! 2009 event and help to ensure the impact is strong. This event targets up to 10 seniors’ homes by having over 200 volunteers provide services such as painting (interior and exterior), yard clean-up and debris removal, gutter cleaning, and a whole host of other “maintenance” tasks that seniors have difficulty performing.

This is an excellent way to get your corporate group, church group, or any other group you may be involved with to help support those who have difficulty performing home maintenance. We, the “young’ens”, often don’t think twice about getting out in our yard and raking up the leaves or pine needles. But if you are in your 80s with a bad hip, this task is daunting. Through SWEEP! 2009, you can help not only improve the look of a seniors home but make an even bigger impact in the community.

You can be part of the solution – register for SWEEP! 2009 with your group or come as an individual… all hands are welcomed. You will enjoy a light breakfast prior to the work commencing and lunch in the park afterward. SCS staff and clients appreciate all who make this event happen – thank you.

by Patrick O’Kane
Director of Operations

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