Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year's Resolutions . . . One Day at a Time

As legend has it, Groundhog Day every February 2nd signals either the end or start of more wintry weather. As rumor has it, this day also signals the time when most of us have neglected or forgotten our New Year’s resolutions! One eighty-year old Meals On Wheels senior citizen of ours, Alice, has a better notion.

Alice informed me that she makes Daily Resolutions rather than annual ones. She relishes even little victories, and keeping a promise to one’s self is easier if the span is but 24 hours. However, she also likes to celebrate her small victories, which helps propel her to keep her promise to herself yet another day. A year of resolutions, one day at a time.

Alice reminds all of us that if goals and promises can be planned and met on a daily basis, then a lifetime of resolutions are ours for the taking. What goal is facing you in 2009 that appears to be too big? Take Alice’s advice and take the small steps necessary to achieve the mark before next Groundhog Day!

Brad Catherman
Vice President, Gift Planning

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Kim said...

Hello -

I live that one day at a time New Year Resolution life as well. Drop by sometime - It does work!

Kim Simpson