Monday, January 12, 2009

9 Ways to Help in '09

January brings an opportunity to set New Year’s Resolutions for the New Year. What are some common things we can all do to ensure that Senior Citizen Services remains the safety net for seniors that so many depend on?

1. Invest Time
Many people do not respond to the word “volunteer.” So, I invite you to make an investment of time—whatever that means to you—in the mission of Senior Citizen Services. This can mean delivering meals during your lunch hour once per month, giving a ride to a CareShare senior from time to time, or even organizing a group to complete a half-day HOMES home repair project once per year. There are opportunities for every age, every schedule, and every interest.

2. Share Resources
A donation of $35 helps SCS support a senior attending our Adult Day Center for Alzheimer’s/dementia. A donation of $142 supports a senior for an entire month of Meals On Wheels Atlanta nutrition. Donations of all amounts directly and tangibly translate into services that keep seniors in their homes and communities.

3. Advocate
Local government and the United Way are both constantly seeking feedback in terms of limited human services dollars. A letter or phone call can make all the difference—or better yet, join us at the State Capitol this winter to advocate for funding for seniors!

4. In-Kind really is Kind
Our organization benefits from a wealth of in-kind support. Donating your car for Meals On Wheels Atlanta, donating computer equipment, sewing equipment, copy machines, craft supplies, or even office supplies allow our organization to cut back on operating costs and maximize donations to direct services. Canned food is a growing need for SCS’ new Community Cupboard initiative. “Santa for Seniors” is also a creative way to provide small specific gifts that seniors need.

5. Talk to your Workplace and Worship-place
Workplace matching gifts, corporate giving programs, group volunteerism and workplace food drives are a few ways to engage your workplace in our mission. Places of worship can also make a dramatic impact in volunteerism, special offerings and food drives.

6. Will you?
Including SCS in your Will can ensure that SCS is supported for years to come—especially as Baby Boomers age and require more services than ever.

7. It takes a Committee
A Meal to Remember, SCS’ signature black-tie event, as well as our Golf Tournament, new GeneRACEtion 5K Run/Walk, SWEEP Home Repair event, and Senior Centers Open Houses all require committees of dedicated and resourceful individuals to make them happen.

8. Speak Up
Involving our organization in a speaking event at your favorite club, association, networking group or social group OR volunteering to speak on SCS’ behalf at one of these venues allows SCS to raise its visibility and engage more Atlantans in our mission.

9. E-help
Use GoodSearch when you go to your Internet browser, use Benevolink when you shop online, make sure SCS has your email address to communicate (cutting back on mailing costs) and forward our emails to your family and friends—easy ways to help out!

What did I miss? Surely you can add a few more creative ideas to the list—just email me at Thank you for entertaining these 9 simple resolutions that will build a better Atlanta for seniors in need.

-- by Jeff Smythe
Executive Director

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Lynette said...

Our church is helping several elderly parishioners maintain their independence by creating a Caring Circle. We signup to bring meals, visits over coffee, and help with small errands and chores. VolunteerSpot is the online scheduling calendar we use to signup. Its really easy for anyone to create a caring circle and invite friends,neighbors and your congregation to help out. Take a look if you know of someone in need: