Thursday, December 3, 2009

Senior Population Exploding!

My teenage son enjoys studying social sciences, and specifically projections about future trends in America. When I informed him that SCS delivers the equivalent yearly meals-on-wheels weight equal to 10 elephants, and that our volunteers’ annual delivery routes span the mileage of four trips around the equator, his curiosity peeked to learn more about seniors. So, we turned to for more insight, and found these:

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that beginning in 2011, the population 65 and older will grow faster than the total population in every single state.
In 2030, 10 states are projected to have more people 65 and older than under 18.

The implications for social policy, social services, social justice, and charitable support are staggering. We at SCS are involved in our 5-year planning cycle to address how we may remain responsive to these trends. With your help and support, we can be ready for a bright future of caring for our senior citizens.

By Brad Catherman
Vice President of Gift Planning

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