Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brain Boosters to Improve Memory

Recently I was pursuing through and found “7 Brain Boosters to Improve Memory” ( These ‘boosters’ are what we already know we need to do plus a few new ones.

(1) Physical Exercise such as walking can have great benefits and in a recent study, those who had a simple exercise routine out performed those who were couch potatoes.

(2) What We Eat also, diet is important with a ‘rainbow’ or fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants.

(3) Exercising the Mind, just like the body, is important too. No ‘magic’ mind exercise has been found but researchers suggest it can be accomplished by working crosswords, word finds, computer challenge games, and the like. Even playing cards can help exercise the mine. In fact, in another article I read recently that focused on Bridge, and how memory loss was less with those who played a couple of times a week.

(4) Sleep… seven hours a night is the standard. Sleep is important for lowering stress levels and archiving memories.

(5) Red Wine, in moderation, in studies has been associated with the reduction of dementia. Researchers suggest one glass a day.

(6) No More Multitasking as it prevents the brain from encoding memories properly.

(7) New Memory Tricks can help you remember names and other details. Just like the long stand practice we’ve been taught, to associate the memory to something else, is still relevant.

As the author points out, it’s normal to have slight memory loss as we age. It is one thing to forget where we parked the car; yet a totally different problem if we forget that we own a car. So don’t panic when you catch yourself fighting for that memory – have a laugh and continue on enjoying life.

-- by Patrick O’Kane, Director of Operations

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