Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How are we doing?

My son thankfully finished his final exams of the school year. (And thankfully, passed all his courses!) He asked me about the kinds of questions that I receive on a daily basis at SCS, and then asked me if SCS has “passing” grades. This dialogue leads me to ask you, our readers and constituents: how are we doing?

On this web site, or by the conventional telephone(!), we are eager and ready to receive your feedback about how we’re doing to serve our various SCS stakeholders. So, here are some “final exam” questions for you as we approach the end of our 44th fiscal year on June 30th:

1. Do we communicate with you often enough about the happenings at SCS?
2. What do you like most about our web site, and how can we improve?
3. Have you volunteered with us recently, and what was your experience?
4. What senior services do you believe we should begin that we currently do not have?

Call or write with questions, comments, or our final marks from you! Thanks, and have a great summer.

- by Brad Catherman, Vice President for Gift Planning

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