Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Moments

Great moments are born from great opportunity. That truism has been paraphrased throughout the ages by heads of state, military leaders, industrial visionaries, scientists, inventors, explorers, athletes, coaches, and their observing journalists. Greatness in this sense implies victory by overcoming adversity or simply persevering at just the right time, at the right place. The phrase is an expression of the best we can be.

But great moments are also to be found in seemingly small but no less important moments. Our many volunteers take action every day while serving our senior citizens, their payment being a smile and a kind word of thanks. Our kitchen staff meticulously prepares nutritious meals, following a process that is above standard, yet fulfilled out of pride of accomplishment. And once nourished, our senior clients extend the courtesy to those around them, seizing opportunities to make a difference in the community that they helped to shape.

Greatness lies in the ability to make a positive difference in another life – whether one or many. What opportunities can you turn into great moments for you and others?

Brad Catherman
Vice President, Gift PlanningSenior Citizen Services

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