Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Takes a Village

It takes a village. Think globally, act locally. Two catchphrases that we hear all the time, especially in an election year when the pundits and politicos try to meld theory with practice. We were inspired recently by a donor who took immediate and unselfish action, not out of any sense of recognition, but simply because helping was the right thing to do.

An SCS staff member literally ran out of gas during a meal delivery, and the AJC carried the story along with the overarching theme of how the gas and economic crises can sometimes hurt service delivery. Reading this newspaper story, an 80 year old widow who is living comfortably in an assisted living home called me to inquire as to how she could make a donation to help stem the tide of high gas prices. She asked not for recognition, in fact, preferring to remain anonymous in print form or otherwise. Instead, taking an almost biblical tone, she shared with me that it pained her that people her age were suffering, given her blessed circumstances in life.

The story of this new donor’s immediate gift was not only appreciated, but word of it energized the entire SCS staff. Her gift was thus multiplied, and will have benefit for many others long after the donation is spent. Sometimes, it takes just one person to motivate a village.

Brad Catherman
Vice President of Gift Planning
Senior Citizen Services

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