Monday, October 6, 2008

Savenger Hunt!

Remember how much fun it was to have a neighborhood scavenger hunt when you were a child? Or, maybe you have enjoyed them in your adult years, as I have! The Senior Citizen Services web site on which you are reading this blog is packed with wonderful information to aid you, no matter if you are a client, donor, corporate sponsor, foundation member, volunteer, student, newsperson, or any of our other many stakeholders.

A fun scavenger hunt awaits you! Grab your mouse to help hunt down answers to these questions –

How does my company sponsor an event?
How may I donate the most amount of money while saving the most amount of taxes?
Whom do I call to volunteer at SCS?
What’s the phone number of the Fulton County Senior Services Referral Hotline?

Let us know how you did, and how we may be able to serve you further. Thank you.

Brad Catherman
Vice President, Gift Planning
Senior Citizen Services

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