Friday, September 5, 2008


Being very involved as I am in gift planning for SCS, I’m often asked honestly by SCS employees, volunteers, and donors about the “continuous, painful rejection” that such “selling” must encompass. Not at all, I reply, because I’m not raising money, I’m raising friends!

“Friend-raising” is really what non-profit “fund-raising” is all about. I’m simply a conduit between the needs of SCS’ senior citizens, and the passion to give that our donors possess. Providing an outlet for donors to help others is a gift in itself, and they repay the favor. My role in making friends that have an interest to enable our seniors to enjoy a high quality of life is a very gratifying one.

When donors thank SCS for the privilege of giving, and we thank them for their kindness, a long-lasting friendship is forged where everyone wins – including our appreciative senior citizens.

by Brad Catherman
Vice President of Gift Planning

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