Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Power of One

More than 70% of American households make charitable contributions every year. The average American contributes 2.1 percent of his or her income to charity. Last year, contributions to nonprofit organizations totaled over $260 billion. Clearly, charitable giving – and all that we accomplish through our acts of generosity, large and small – is at the very heart of our society.

But sometimes we get overwhelmed by the “largeness” or our society’s problems, or intimidated by headlines of wealthy philanthropists who give millions of dollars at once – and we stand back and ask ourselves what difference an “average” person can make. The answer is that transformational giving begins with the single individual, just as transformational change begins with a single volunteer. Every gift and every hour of volunteerism is important, not only for its immediate impact, but because these acts have a way of energizing others to follow the lead. When one person stands to make a difference, it raises us all up.

The power of one, and the power to begin, is the most valuable possession that our country, state, city, county, and neighborhoods have at our disposal. We live in a society where freedom to act is a privilege and responsibility. The decision to turn on the power is yours today! Turn it on!

Brad Catherman
Vice President, Gift Planning
Senior Citizen Services

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